Current Residents

We appreciate that you have entrusted us with satisfying your housing needs. We took great care in preparing your home and hope you will take pride in it during your residency with us knowing that our goal is your satisfaction and comfort.

We employ a great group of professionals here at Silver Bay and we are ready to provide you the best possible service. We have prepared this convenient resident guide to help you interact with various members of your team. We have also included general information about caring for your home that we trust you will find useful.

Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve you and welcome to the Silver Bay family.

Community Access

Are you in a community with a pool, tennis courts or gated access? To secure access, please submit your request via email to the Silver Bay HOA team at

Property Violations or Notices

If you learn about or receive notice of a property violation from your HOA, City, or County, you should contact our HOA team as soon as possible at (952) 358-4398 and together we can work through the resolution in a timely manner to avoid any unnecessary fines and fees.